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From SnappConner PR, the creators of PRScorecard, MyPRToolbox™ is the easy-to-use PR resource that gives any individual or company (even you!) the tools, the resources and the step-by-step instructions and ideas to create great PR, with or without the help of an agency.
From great press releases (written and posted), SEO-savvy article placements and PR analytics to ideas for local pitches, newsletter ideas and templates, and plain old good PR smarts, MyPRToolbox is the resource for you.
Entrepreneurs can use MyPRToolbox to create their own PR while promotional dollars are short.
Organizations can use MyPRToolbox to empower distributed service providers and branches to amplify their PR to local regions while remaining unified in their corporate messages and themes.
PR Consultants can use MyPRToolbox as the resource engine to support as many as 5 clients per enterprise license.
Subsribe today, risk free, at the beta price of $250 per month and see what MyPRToolbox could be doing for you.

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